points scored by Grant Fox at RWC 1987, still a tournament record

148 All Blacks Tests Richie McCaw played, a World Rugby record.


The importance of sports statistics in journalism is critical in laying the foundation for editorial opinion and analysis. The Breakdown can help you dive deeper into the story, uncovering the unique stats behind a record number or ground breaking result, giving context to the performance witnessed by the world.


Winter X-Games gold medals won by Shaun White.



With the growing quantity of sport data available it is now possible to reach further and climb higher to tell find the most engaging angle. In depth coverage provides the difference journalists are looking for.  As fans now source their coverage from a variety of different media outlets, articles that are supported by the authority of quantifiable data will further enhance the author’s credibility.



Data Research

& Analysis

The Breakdown can assist print media with data research and analysis to support their editorial agenda. As stories evolve, The Breakdown can respond to queries or requests for data that may arise in the course of writing.



The Breakdown can create story ideas and concepts based around statistical analysis and insight. As trends and patterns begin to emerge of team or individual performances, The Breakdown can either communicate these content ideas to journalists to begin writing, or supply the copy directly to the organisation.



The Breakdown can support journalists in their coverage of events by providing real-time information on results and performances. As databases are updated in real time, The Breakdown can immediately identify important trends, milestones, and records and communicate them to journalists for instant reaction.





    Performance Analysis

    The distribution of research and analysis for radio commentators ahead of Wallabies Test matches.


    The distribution of research and analysis for commentators ahead of major professional surfing events.

    From day one Kate impressed me with her general sports knowledge and passion for the job. She is a great Rugby statistician, and I have no doubt she could adapt to any other sport.

    Foxsports AustraliaGreg Clark, Commentator

    Stats and graphics can make a good sports story in print or on air really hum. That’s not the bland everyday variety but a specific stat, a well-researched zinger that can illuminate. Kate gets the picture quickly and delivers quickly which is what every time-stressed sport…wants.

    The Courier MailJim Tucker, Rugby Writer