the number of years the ‘voice of rugby’ Bill McLaren worked at the BBC.

139 the record number of Tests George Gregan played for Australia.


Stats On-Air

Statistics provide a crucial role in establishing the credibility of commentary analysis and give authority to the insight of the play-by-play action. The viewer expects to learn something new and be informed of the significance of what is unfolding on their screens. The Breakdown can help you find that narrative which differentiates yourself from other commentators and support your editorial agenda.


Allan Border’s all-time record for longest streak of Test matches as captain.

Creating a

Verbal Dialogue

The Breakdown can work with you to create a verbal dialogue that offers a breadth and depth of statistical insight in a clear and concise manner. Choosing the right stat and placing it in its relevant context is the challenge for every commentator; The Breakdown can help identify the most important information and how best to verbally communicate it on-air.





Subscribe to a Media Kit & Match Note service ahead of the event to get all the pre-match information you need to decide the angle you want to take in commentary.



Get immediate statistical reaction to events as they happen during play. Real-time analysis, including milestones and records broken can be delivered as soon as they occur so you can communicate the information before anyone else.



Get the key stats from the match as soon as the full-time siren goes so you can deliver the most unique insights and analysis possible. The Breakdown can help you summarize the most important information from the performance, and provide answers as to why the result occurred.





    Performance Analysis

    The distribution of research and analysis for radio commentators ahead of Wallabies Test matches.


    The distribution of research and analysis for commentators ahead of major professional surfing events.

    From day one Kate impressed me with her general sports knowledge and passion for the job. She is a great Rugby statistician, and I have no doubt she could adapt to any other sport.

    Foxsports AustraliaGreg Clark, Commentator

    Stats and graphics can make a good sports story in print or on air really hum. That’s not the bland everyday variety but a specific stat, a well-researched zinger that can illuminate. Kate gets the picture quickly and delivers quickly which is what every time-stressed sport…wants.

    The Courier MailJim Tucker, Rugby Writer