the number of drawn test series in british & irish lions history.



A major sponsor of the 2017 British & Irish Lions Tour to New Zealand wanted a social media campaign to promote their app driven fantasy league using statistical data from the current squad’s performance during the tour. The social media campaign centred on the display of statistical data collated during the Six Nations campaign as a call to action to participate.  The challenge was not only to select the right data to engage users to select certain players, but also display it in a way that is relevant to the fan.



The Breakdown advised an approach that developed categories of stats relevant to the playing position of the individual selected and represented their value to the fantasy team.  Rather than just providing statistical totals, context was given to the fan through player and position ranking comparisons, as well their value to the game itself.  This information could be displayed graphically on their social media outlets to spark debate and comment amongst fans.



The sponsors Instagram page has almost 150,000 followers, their Twitter page 365,000 followers and their Facebook page nearly 550,000 followers, all who have been given a call to action to participate in the fantasy league and to engage with the wide range of features within the app.



    From day one Kate impressed me with her general sports knowledge and passion for the job. She is a great Rugby statistician, and I have no doubt she could adapt to any other sport.

    Foxsports AustraliaGreg Clark, Commentator

    Stats and graphics can make a good sports story in print or on air really hum. That’s not the bland everyday variety but a specific stat, a well-researched zinger that can illuminate. Kate gets the picture quickly and delivers quickly which is what every time-stressed sport…wants.

    The Courier MailJim Tucker, Rugby Writer