the record number of SANZAAR Rugby Championship titles won by the All Blacks since 1996.

2 Ricky Ponting & Mitchell Johnson have won ICC Cricket of the Year Award.

Maximise Your

Data’s Potential

Investment in your own analytics and data-capturing infrastructure offers the opportunity to optimize the fan experience beyond the stadium walls. The Breakdown can help organisations with the initial collation and development of their data service through to the re-packaging of this information into a consumable product.


combined number of men’s and women’s surfers to win a Championship Tour World Title.

Uncover Your

Data’s Possibilities

With the sheer volume of data now available to organisations, the ability to distinguish what is relevant and interesting can be a daunting prospect. The Breakdown can help you filter through this ocean of information to find what is relevant to your strategy.  Stats that have been captured need to be accessible to fans and meaningful to their sporting experience.



Data Collation

& Supply

Whether it’s working alongside a current data provider, or starting from scratch, The Breakdown can assist organisations with the fundamentals of data collation from its initial capturing phase through to development of storage and display. The Breakdown will help you maximise the capabilities of your sport’s data.



The Breakdown can assist governing bodies and organisations with their distribution of key statistical information to the media and general public. Working in conjunction with media managers, digital and marketing teams, the packaging and delivery of key data trends and real-time information can be created to enhance your presence in an increasingly crowded market.

Data Display

& Interaction

Statistics don’t have to only be the domain of broadcasters and corporate sponsors. The Breakdown can work alongside sporting organisations and venues to maximise the visibility of key data for their stakeholders. The ability to display data at venues, corporate events and award ceremonies can assist in celebrating the achievements and milestones of the code. The creation of fantasy leagues and online data information sites and apps can also make the game more interactive to fans.





    Performance Analysis

    The distribution of research and analysis for radio commentators ahead of Wallabies Test matches.


    The distribution of research and analysis for commentators ahead of major professional surfing events.

    From day one Kate impressed me with her general sports knowledge and passion for the job. She is a great Rugby statistician, and I have no doubt she could adapt to any other sport.

    Foxsports AustraliaGreg Clark, Commentator

    Stats and graphics can make a good sports story in print or on air really hum. That’s not the bland everyday variety but a specific stat, a well-researched zinger that can illuminate. Kate gets the picture quickly and delivers quickly which is what every time-stressed sport…wants.

    The Courier MailJim Tucker, Rugby Writer