Estimated global audience of the RWC 2015 Final

70-68 the final score in the longest game in tennis grand slam history.


Data On-Air

The display of data on-air is a fundamental component of sports broadcasting. If your graphics are cluttered, misleading, or too content heavy, then the message gets lost unnecessarily.  Given the limited time available to present information on air during live play, it is critical that your graphics translate the action on the field clearly and concisely to the viewer at home.


London Marathon victories by Paula Radcliffe, the most by a British runner.

A New

Graphics Path

Statistical graphics are rapidly evolving as improvements technology allows for more data capturing. Commentary analysis is moving towards an innovative time coded model whereby data trends are directly linked to a moment in the match. A pattern can be more relevant to the story of a performance than a historical total. The Breakdown can help you develop a new broadcast graphics model that provides innovative solutions for in-game analysis.



Data Research

& Analysis

The Breakdown can add value through preparatory research and pre-event previews to unearth talking points for pre-game analysis and discussion, real-time analysis of match stats and trends throughout the game, and collaboration with production departments to translate data into informative and meaningful on-air graphics.

Development &


The Breakdown can work in partnership with graphics providers to develop new ways of displaying the existing raw data feeds, and in the creation of new statistical categories and trends to move towards the next level of insight. With developments in new broadcast technology, The Breakdown can ensure that data graphics remain relevant and accessible to viewers.



The Breakdown can work alongside graphics operators during live broadcasters to produce real-time statistical analysis as events unfold in play. Immediate reaction to milestones, records, and trends by visual display is vital to inform and entertain the viewer, and adds value to the scope and depth of commentary discussion.





    Performance Analysis

    The distribution of research and analysis for radio commentators ahead of Wallabies Test matches.


    The distribution of research and analysis for commentators ahead of major professional surfing events.

    From day one Kate impressed me with her general sports knowledge and passion for the job. She is a great Rugby statistician, and I have no doubt she could adapt to any other sport.

    Foxsports AustraliaGreg Clark, Commentator

    Stats and graphics can make a good sports story in print or on air really hum. That’s not the bland everyday variety but a specific stat, a well-researched zinger that can illuminate. Kate gets the picture quickly and delivers quickly which is what every time-stressed sport…wants.

    The Courier MailJim Tucker, Rugby Writer